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JDSI Technical Staffing Placement Services - Fulfilling Technical Staffing Needs

Whether seeking contract, contract-to-hire or direct hire staff, JDSI Technical Staffing Placement Services can provide your company with qualified personnel.  Over the past thirty plus years we have had the opportunity to work with several very talented individuals with whom we have an on-going relationship. This is key to our proven track record for providing top qualified individuals for your on-site support needs. JDSI only provides staffing support in the below listed areas, thus enabling JDSI to stay focused on the specific technical staffing placement requirements of architects and engineers.

  • JDSI Technical Staffing is looking out for youArchitects
  • Engineers
  • CAD Technicians
  • PLC Programmers
  • Electrical Technicians

 JDSI's Technical Staffing Placement Services handle all this

  • Performing  reference checks, and optionally, background checks
  • Interviewing temporary employees carefully  to match skills and preferences to your requirements and corporate culture
  • Manage employee payroll administration and all applicable State and Federal taxes
  • Handling all Federal and State reporting as well as worker's compensation and unemployment claims management

Contract positions
You pay only for the time our technical staffer works. You will receive regular billing, itemized for project cost accounting. When the project has concluded, JDSI informs the employee, taking the stress out of termination.

With contract positions, you control your costs. Our staffers can be immediately productive because they know your discipline. You get just the special skills you need without paying for training.

Contract-to-hire positions are an excellent vehicle for you to evaluate job performance before making a hiring decision -- so you always get the right people. Contract-to-hire is a powerful staffing option that allows you to evaluate on-the-job performance before making the commitment to a long-term contract position or direct-hire.

Direct-hire positions offer the flexibility of fee-contingent staffing by the same people who understand your personnel and business needs. JDSI is adept at finding the most in-demand technical professionals for your full-time positions.

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Employment Opportunities

Stop searching the want ads!  JDSI has people calling for high-paying technical jobs from around the country.  You can add your name to our list of qualified placement staff!

In addition, to supplement the information that you have provided in your resume and to expedite your pre-qualification process, please list some additional information regarding your experience and career goals.

In the event that your skill set matches an immediate opening, JDSI will contact you to initiate the interview process. Your information will be stored in the JDSI database for a period of (12) months, during which time, you will be considered for any positions that match your qualifications.

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HIRING POLICY:  It is the policy of JDSI to provide employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age or any other legally protected status.